Conference Agenda

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February 6, 2018
  • 08:00
    Registration, Exhibition and Networking Breakfast
  • 09:10
    Chair’s Opening Remarks
    Alison Kennedy, Director, STFC Hartree Centre, UK (Confirmed)
  • 09:20
    Exploring the Big Opportunities presented by Big Data and Promoting Better Policy on Data Analytics
    Daniel Zeichner MP, Chair, All-Party Parliamentary Group on Data Analytics (Confirmed)
    • Deploying the right analytical tools to help UK businesses prosper by identifying trends
    • Informing and empowering the public on the collection and use of personal data, so they are willing participants in the new age
    • Developing a world class education division to deliver a skills base to give the UK a leading role in the worldwide use and exploitation of data
  • 09:40
    Developing New Structures to Drive Quality in Research and Innovation
    Prof Sir Mark Walport, Chief Executive Designate, UK Research and Innovation - UKRI (Invited)
    • Bringing together the research councils, Innovate UK and Research England to drive improvements in the sector
    • Highlighting the opportunities for HPC in the innovative research and innovation system
    • Outlining the vision and next steps in development for the new UK Research and Innovation
  • 10:00
    Questions & Answers
  • 10:10
    Morning Refreshments, Networking and Exhibition
  • 10:50
    Exploiting HPC to Change the Way Neurosurgeons Operate in the Future and Improve Outcomes for Patients
    Prof Peter Coveney, Director, Centre for Computational Science, University College London - UCL (Invited)
    • Using ARCHER, the UK’s national HPC service, and working in collaboration with a British software company to enable the study of the blood flow within a connecting system of arteries that sits at the base of the brain
    • Upgrading HemeLB, a modern code with well-designed test and verification processes, to be able to make the best use of ARCHER
    • Getting HemeLB to scale to 50,000 ARCHER cores to perform 153 billion site updates per second
  • 11:15
    Using Big Data to Design, Update and Develop National Infrastructure
    Professor Jim Hall, DAFNI, Project Lead, Director of The Enviromental Change Institute, Professor of Climate and Environmental Risk, University of Oxford (Confirmed)
    • Gaining insights from the new Data and Analytics Facility for National Infrastructure (DAFNI) programme
    • Conducting long-term decision analysis in interdependent infrastructure systems
    • Developing risk modelling techniques focusing upon environmental factors to minimise the impact of Geohazards and climate change on transport networks
    • Big data analysis of the use of infrastructure systems and gaining a new understanding of pressures on national infrastructure
  • 11:40
    Fostering the Growth of SMEs in the High Performance Computing Supply Chain
    Simon Yarwood, Lead, e-Infrastructure Special Interest Group (Confirmed)
    Sue Daley, Head of Programme, Big Data, Cloud & Mobile, TechUK (Invited)
    • Exploiting UK HPC capability for new markets, enabling easier access to HPC facilities for SMEs
    • Solidifying the UK’s place in the worldwide HPC field by ensuring involvement in international HPC programmes to maximise return to the economy
    • Presenting case studies of engagement between HPC centres and SMEs in the UK
  • 12:00
    Seminar Session One
    • Exploring the horizons of computational Science - Quantum Computing and beyond
    • Building strong relationships between research and industry to advance innovation and develop the UK’s computing capabilities
    • Architecting secure and easy to access networks and harnessing cloud to allow for greater use of HPC facilities
    • Understanding the latest advances in infrastructure and hardware to improve power, speed and energy efficiency
  • 13:00
  • 14:00
    Seminar Session Two
    • Adopting modern practices in big data analytics to deliver more accurate models and more precise results
    • Examining the power of Machine and Deep learning solutions to harness the power of artificial intelligence
    • Disambiguating big data and rich data - mapping the intersection between data’s value and volume
  • 15:00
    Afternoon Refreshment, Networking and Exhibition
  • The afternoon will be split into two streams, one focusing on HPC and the other on Big Data:
  • 15:30
    Afternoon Streamed Sessions
February 6, 2018
  • 15:30
    Insights into Hypeflux’s Design: Using High Order Methods (HOMS) to Speed up the Design Cycle, Reduce Costs and Improve Products
    Dr Peter Vincent, Reader in Aeronautics and EPSRC Fellow, Department of Aeronautics Imperial College London (Confirmed)
    • Using High-order methods to provide a potential solution, providing higher fidelity solutions than currently achievable with low-order schemes on unstructured grids
    • Creating a prototype software for industrial evaluation, Hyperflux will be a shared software tool that will embody the latest in HPC
    • Working with technical specialists at the Centre for Modelling & Simulation (CFMS) and cloud high performance computing (HPC) specialists to create a prototype software base for industrial evaluation
  • 16:00
    Stream Sponsor
  • 16:30
    The Future is Parrallel: Assessing the Impact of Hierarchical Memory on the Design of Parallel Algorithms and the Expression of Parallelism
    Professor David Walker, Professor of High Performance Computing, Cardiff University (Confirmed)

    • Identifying the recurring properties of memory that we need to reason in a proof-carrying code system
    • Reviewing the interplay of application design, the expression of parallelism, and data movement across hierarchical memory
    • Exploring the findings of a brief survey of parallel programming paradigms and algorithms, and how these might change in the era of exascale computing

  • 17:00
    Questions and Answers
  • 17:10
    Drinks Reception
February 6, 2018
  • 15:30
    Dr Redouane Boumghar, Research Fellow in Data Mining and Artificial Intelligence, The European Space Agency (Confirmed)
    • Hosting data from 15 missions with each one of them outputting roughly 1.3 Terabytes of uncompressed data to Earth
    • Managing the continual flow of satellite data to monitor crafts’ status and behaviour in real time to identify causes and effects while anomalies occur
    • Using machine learning, and embedding AI for early detection of changes in mission behavior to streamline feedback to operators
  • 16:00
    Putting the Right Infrastructure in Place to Deal with the Growth in Data
    Professor Mark Birkin, Professor of Spatial Analysis and Policy, Director, University of Leeds, Leeds Institute for Data Analytics
    • Making best use of Big Data analytics, data science and machine learning to extract insights and drive service transformation
    • Enhancing levels of computer sophistication to run algorithms that can help enhance the veracity of information
    • Sifting through the noise created by Big Data's massive volume, variety, and velocity and unravelling opportunities for economic growth
  • 16:15
    Stream Sponsor
  • 16:45
    EDF Energy Turns Big Data into Actionable Data
    • Understanding the ROI of social media and digital by establishing metrics on customer service efficiency, sentiment and reputation, audience growth, content performance and general social discussion
    • Breaking down both the audience and the team’s social outputs, making the data more manageable
    • Giving social data context by segmenting the audience it reaches, splitting online activity into subsections of the audience, media, and industry landscape
    • Delivering real-time information in context to inform decision making and enable automation of marketing alerts
  • 17:00
    Questions and Answers
  • 17:10
    Drinks Reception

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