Current Exhibitors and Seminar Sponsors:


HPC & Big Data 2017 features a selected range of one-hour seminars that will allow delegates to explore key topics in more detail.

Seminars run in both the morning and afternoon and will encourage interactive discussion, giving you the chance to contribute and share solutions around a number of focused topics, hosted by leaders in the field.

If you believe that you have something to offer the day and want to find out more about sponsoring and delivering a session, call Sharon Azam on 0161 211 3057 or email [email protected]

Suggested Seminar topics:

  • Exploring the horizons of computational Science – Quantum Computing and beyond
  • Building strong relationships between research and industry to advance innovation and develop the UK’s computing capabilities
  • Architecting secure and easy to access networks and harnessing cloud to allow for greater use of HPC facilities
  • Understanding the latest advances in infrastructure and hardware to improve power, speed and energy efficiency
  • Adopting modern practices in big data analytics to deliver more accurate models and more precise results
  • Examining the power of Machine and Deep learning solutions to harness the power of artificial intelligence
  • Disambiguating big data and rich data – mapping the intersection between data’s value and volume

Seminar Presented by Bright Computing BV

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Seminar Presented by Jisc


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Seminar Presented by Red Oak Consulting LLP


Content coming soon

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