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    High Performance Computing & Big Data 2016 features a selected range of one-hour seminars that will allow delegates to explore key topics in more detail.

    Seminars run in both the morning and afternoon and will encourage interactive discussion, giving you the chance to contribute and share solutions around a number of focused topics, hosted by leaders in the field.

    If you believe that you have something to offer the day and want to find out more about engaging the delegation, call Sharon Azam on 0161 211 3057 or email Sharon.Azam@govnet.co.uk

    Suggested Seminar Topics:

    • Data storage technology and sub-storage to effectively handle big data
    • Software and hardware for large scale systems – Data centric computing
    • Securing your cloud, data and HPC operations
    • Designing and building computer clusters for first class research
    • Managing the security implications surrounding big data
    • Powering HPC and Big Data infrastructure – Power shortages and solutions

    Quantum Storage Ltd

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    Centerprise International Ltd
    EPS CI International - Blue and Grey (2)

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